We are releasing this bloons tower defense 5 hacked fully unlocked version of our app following the official release of the BTD5 game! And we know that you are interested in the games else you would not be on our website right now reading this short and comprehensive tutorial about the balloon tower defense 5 game.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Hacked

Our primary goal of putting together this tutorial is to provide concrete information about the game to both new and old players. We also will be providing tested and proven strategies to help play the game successfully reaching different levels and unlocking hidden game features and resources. Towards the end of this guide, we will introduce a more advanced strategies for the more experienced players of the game as well as figures and attributes of the game tower.

The BTD5 Game Overview

Aside from the 6 major tracks which the game has, players can purchase 7 additional tracks with their MochiCoins. Now every one of those tracks has a different level of difficulties associated with them. Also, 3 different hitches level are associated with each tracks which a player can choose from. These 3 levels of hitches associated with each tracks determines the number of life, the frequency cycle you need to complete in order to win the game as well as the amount of money you start the game with. 200 lives are award at level 50 tagged as ‘simple’, 60 is attributed to ‘medium’ and is awarded with 150 lives while 75 is the toughest level having just 100 lives.

For the novice players trying out the game of BTD 5 for the first time, it is advised that they start from level 50 being the easiest and build up their experience and winning strategies until they have more experience and then can proceed to try the medium and hard levels respectively. For the experienced players, kick starting the game from third or fifth track is not bad as those are neither too hard nor simpler but are just ok to help have a feel of what the new version of the game feels like.

Bloons and the Different Types available

There is something new here! Unlike the older versions of the game, the bloons td 5 features extra balloons which were not present in the older version. Listed and explained below, are all the available balloons present in this exciting and addictive game.

Red: this is by far the less complicated baloon in the game. To get it eliminated from the game, all you are required to do is pop it just once. And the cool about this is that they move pretty low making it super easy and effortless to pop. The red balloons offers insight into how tough and complicated a given level is. It also helps to figure out how many total pops is required to complete the present level successfully. In order words, they represent the benchmark by which other ones are measured.

Blue: these moves somewhat faster than the previously discussed red bloons and releases red bloon when popped.

Green: these moves relatively faster than the blue ones and gives off blue when popped!

Yellow: the yellow ones also move way faster than the green and when popped usually generate green in its place.

Pink: this is was introduced to the game in the last version before this current version. Not only is this baloon travel quicker than the yellow ones, it also is much bigger in size and gives off yellow when successfully popped. Watch out for these pinkies as theytheir speed can startle you.

Black: not only are the dark colored balloons smaller in sizes, they can also be pretty hard to knockout. Booms and its accompanying effects are known to be immune to dark baloons so watch out and don’t forget to alter your selections of the tower!

White: they are known to reveal two pinks when popped and remember just like the black ones, I addition to being immune to bombs, they are also indestructible to ice towers.

Zebra: recently introduced in the version 4 of the BTD 5, white bloons are known to combine the attributes of both white and black baloons as a result are known to be very horrible. Boom effect and freezing are known to have none destructive effect on them. When popped, they give off one black and one white. Remember to watch out for them as they tend to move at very high speed.

Lead: they are pretty much immune to lots of thing including; spikes, darts, boomerangs, tacks and much more. The one good thing about them is that they move pretty slow and tends to be popped easily. You will have to leverage the damaging effect of bombs to pop them open as they contain two blacks.

Rainbow: because they travel at remarkable speed, lots of fire power is required to completely wipe them out.

Ceramic: I if think you are going to get rid of these types of bloons easily then you to have a rethink! For a start, they require 10 hits to finally get them to burst open and when the eventually break open they do so revealing two rainbow bloons. They move about pretty fast and glue has no effect on them. To successfully destroy them (which does not adds money to your profile) will require that you be creative and very flexible in your strategy.

Playing the Balloon Tower Defense 5 the First Time…

Usually first time play will reveal that you are only limited to Dart Moneys which is perfectly ok and normal since they are potential enough to scale you successfully through the initial level. As you keep playing, you will begin unlocking new features together with new towers. For example you are able to unlock all towers excluding their level 5 upgrades as you constantly play the game and boost your rank to level 16 which is not very difficult or time-consuming to achieve. As you begin to gain more experience and able to advanced up 15 more levels, two special BTD5 game modes are automatically unlocked along with level 5 upgrade which initially was not available before.

The Pros

To win in any battle or war requires a solid and foolproof strategy and this is no except with the balloon tower defense 5 game. In this case, you need an unlimited amount of money to gain access to 19 powerful towers and much more which is exactly what we are offering. To get started is very simple and effortless. If you ready then click on the link below to access our bloons tower defense 5 hacked & unlocked resource.